Multiplicity in Psychotherapy and Beyond

Mar 10, 2021

We welcome IFS counselor, teacher, and author, Robert Falconer today, a specialist in multiplicity in psychotherapy and beyond. Bob earned his undergraduate degree in cultural anthropology, with a focus on the history of religions. In the early 1980s, he pursued his Master’s degree in psychology. In his career as a therapist, Bob spent considerable time at the Esalen Institute and decades involved in Gestalt therapy. As a therapist, Bob spent a lot of time at the Esalen Institute and for 15 years, he was the executive director of the Institute for Trauma-Oriented Psychotherapy. Robert has been trained in multiple therapeutic modalities, but has devoted himself to the IFS model now, as he finds it to be the most compassionate and effective way to work with severe trauma.

Now focused on the spiritual dimensions of healing, Bob has published 6 books, co-edited four, and most recently co-authored a book with Dr. Richard Schwartz, entitled Many Minds, One Self: Evidence for a Radical Shift in Paradigm, the topic of this episode. Learn more at

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