Introducing IFS Masters Podcast

Jan 6, 2023

Introducing IFS Masters Podcast. an Internal Family Systems informed Podcast aimed at IFS practitioners and psychotherapists looking to deepen and expand the discussion of the model and its application to a variety of clinical groups and social contexts.

Co-hosted by Dr. Alexia Rothman, a clinical psychologist based in Atlanta, GA with 25 years of clinical experience. Alexia is an IFS speaker, trainer and consultant, and also co-host of the IFS-informed podcast miniseries, Explorations in Psychotherapy.

Dr. Rothman’s co-host is Aníbal Henriques, a Portuguese Psychologist and Psychotherapist living in Lisbon, Portugal with decades of clinical experience, and many years of teaching and training Psychologists to become Psychotherapists. Anibal is also an IFS Trainer in addition to being co-Host and creator of the IFS Talks podcast.

The purpose of this podcast is to offer a new discussion format – 2 hosts and 2 guests per episode – around topics that will help deepen and expand understanding of the IFS model and its applications in treatment. We believe that this format, which involves two guests with  expertise on each episode’s topic sharing and discussing their perspectives – both similarities and differences – will allow for a deep exploration of topics that we hope will provide significant value for your IFS work. We hope that these discussions will foster the learning and skills of those applying the IFS model, both personally and professionally, in a variety of clinical settings and social contexts. 

Our intention for this Podcast is to release one to two episodes each month. We hope you can subscribe and find the time to listen to the coming episodes.

Listen to this episode of Explorations in Psychotherapy on Google Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.