The Further Reaches of IFS and Beyond

May 7, 2023

Today on Explorations in Psychotherapy, we are welcoming IFS practitioner, teacher, and author, Mr. Robert Falconer. Bob has an undergraduate degree in cultural anthropology, with a focus on the history of religions, and a Master’s degree in psychology. Bob has been extensively trained in multiple therapeutic modalities, but he has devoted himself to the Internal Family Systems model for over 10 years, as he has found it to be the most compassionate and potent way to work with severe trauma. At this point in his career, he is increasingly focused on the spiritual dimensions of healing. He has published 7 books, including Many Minds, One Self: Evidence for a Radical Shift in Paradigm with Richard Schwartz, and co-edited four. Today, we will be speaking with him about his new book, which represents the culmination of decades of in-depth research, called The Others Within Us: Internal Family Systems, Porous Mind, and Spirit Possession.

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